My name is Jan Claes. I like to work on various projects, which are bundled under the label ‘by JC’ (JC stands for Jan Claes). You can discover them on this website by clicking on the logos below.

Spinach diggers is an anagram of “graphics design” or “graphic designs”. On this page you can browse through the various graphical designs that I have created in the past. They include booklets, banners, posters, flyers, leaflets, logos, websites, etc.

Teashurts is the name of my webshop in which I sell funky fabric designs. They are mainly T-shirts with funny quotes, such as the ones featured here. Click on any of them or go directly to the webshop at www.teashurts.com.

Books obviously showcases the books I have (co-)written. They span a variety of genres in the categories fiction, personal development, academic research, etc.

Take also a look at the books that I write together with Linda Somers at www.janenlinda.be/boeken!

Knowspiration is a contraction of ‘knowledge’ and ‘inspiration’. Over the years, I have collected some fun facts, expert tricks and interesting ideas that I would like to present to you here.

Photography shows the beautiful pictures that I made of my travels, hikes and projects. Discover breath-taking city views from all over the world. Or be surprised by the beauty of insects, which I admire so much that I try to capture all of their details.

The projects above are my personal projects, but there are a bunch more! Since my mom, Linda Somers, is my companion for these, they are labeled ‘by JL’ (JL stands for Jan and Linda). She also works on cool stuff ‘by LS’ (LS stands for Linda Somers). Here is an overview.